August 10, 2009

Last week in Denver!

Hey all.
I am the worst blogger in the history of blogs. To my credit, we've been really busy in the past few weeks, but I know that's no excuse. Sorry! This is going to be a fairly short entry I think, but hopefully in my new home I'll have more time to update this. Also, hopefully I'll be able to put pictures up soon too.

This is our last week in Denver. It feels so weird!! I feel so at home here! I love my host family and the other host families on my street. Last night, we all got together for the second annual Culture Cook Night where we all made food from our cultures or family's or both. I made a trout dish. I got to try lots of great things like REAL Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry jam, Bratkartoffeln, grilled corn, Omaha steak, and lots of other tasty dishes! It was really fun to hang out for our last neighbourhood night together. As much as I'll miss Broomfield, I'm really excited to get on the road!

We've been really busy in the past few weeks getting ready for our show. We've had tons and tons of rehearsals and run throughs. Our first show is TOMORROW! I'm so excited! We moved into the Pinnacle Events Center today, which is our first theatre. It was really cool to rehearse it on our real stage!! I can't wait for tomorrow. I love the show so much and our cast has done an amazing job so far!

This weekend we got to have our first two Community Impact (CI) days! CI is a very important part of UWP and we were all really excited to start. On Friday, we went to the Food Bank of the Rockies where we packed boxes of suplimentary food for low income families. We packed over 1000 boxes which is great. On Saturday we were at a woman's transitional home where we volunteered with the women and children who live there. We did a lot of work! It's amazing how much work 80 people can do. We cleaned pretty much every room, painted inside and outside, build a playground, fixed up a children's play area/nursery that had been closed for 4 years, planted flowers, fixed computers, and played with the cutest kids! It was a really great day that I won't soon forget.

I am off to bed. We've got a really busy day tomorrow with our first show, so I need to get some sleep! Talk to you soon!!