June 6, 2009

Regina today, the world tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

So here I am in Regina! I was so excited to come back to the prairies, but it's a little anticlimactic. Firstly, the weather is less than desirable. It's raining right now and kind of chilly. Where is summer? You'd think that getting out of school at the end of May would at least give me nice weather, but oooooooh no! However, I can't complain because I'll be traveling with Up With People very soon! Just over a month until I arrive in Denver!
Yesterday was my 20th birthday! Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday! It's so weird to be 20 years old. I'm no longer a teen..it's nuts! I had a fun birthday at Mosaic this year. It was great to see friends who I haven't seen since Christmas and even last summer! One of the perks of being back in Regina I guess.

So I guess I should talk a little bit about Up With People. UWP is the main purpose of my blog. As you can probably tell, I have no idea how to write a blog, so bear with me haha!

While I'm traveling with UWP, I'll be doing community service/impact work and performing a show that is all about bringing people together and creating community and global awareness. I'll be representing Canada along the way.

The current schedule I have is the following, however it is still subject to change:

United States Dates
Denver, CO (Orientation & Staging) 10 July – 9 Aug
Aspen/Snowmass, CO 10 Aug –12 Aug
Montrose, CO 13 Aug – 16 Aug
Durango, CO 17 Aug – 23 Aug
Lake Havasu City, AZ 24 Aug – 30 Aug

Mexico Dates
Guadalajara 31 Aug – 6 Sept
Leon 7 Sept – 13 Sept
Veracruz 14 Sept – 20 Sept
Puebla 21 Sept – 27 Sept
Mexico City 28 Sept – 5 Oct

Europe Dates
Luleå, Sweden (Private show) 6 Oct Р8 Oct
Sundsvall, Sweden (Private show) 9 Oct – 13 Oct
Stockholm, Sweden (Private show) 14 Oct – 22 Oct
Vänersborg, Sweden (Private show) 23 Oct Р27 Oct
Denmark; Germany 28 Oct – 31 Oct
Warsaw, Poland (Private show) 1 Nov – 3 Nov
Zabrze, Poland (Private show) 4 Nov – 6 Nov
Germany; Denmark 7 Nov – 24 Nov
Odense, Denmark (Private show) 25 Nov – 27 Nov
Varberg, Sweden (Private show) 28 Nov – 2 Dec
Uppsala, Sweden 3 Dec- 7 Dec
Tampere Finland 8 Dec- 11 Dec
Sweden 12 Dec- 15 Dec

Crazy, right?! I can't wait to let you know about all of the things I'll be doing and seeing while I travel! I'll try my best to keep the blog up to date and include lots of pictures.

This post is kind of pointless, but I'm just getting used to blogging so hopefully my future posts will be better.

Thanks for reading!

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