June 21, 2009

Up With People - A Community Cookbook

Hi everyone,

I finally finished the fundraiser cookbook that I started a few months ago. It is full of delicious recipes from so many of my friends and family.

This cookbook is important because the proceeds I raise in selling it are helping me to participate in a program called Up With People. UWP allows me to travel around the world – the United States, Mexico, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe – while contributing my time to the communities we visit, and performing in a show that links theatre with social and global change. As well, I will be traveling with students from all over the world and have the incredible opportunity to represent Canada. It will certainly be an amazing experience.

If you go to the link found below, you'll be able to purchase the book directly from the website. There are two methods of purchasing the cookbook. You can either have it shipped directly to your home - The book costs $17.00 and shipping is around $10.00, so the overall cost is around $27.00. The other method is to download a copy of the book. This costs $23.00 in total. While this might seem like a lot, the proceeds, other than the cost of manufacturing, go towards my Up With People tuition.

If you have any questions, or if you want to hear more about my trip, please feel free to ask me!


Thank you so much,

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  1. How exciting...wish i were going with you! I can sort of sing...well, Steve doesn't agree, but he's no Simon Cowell..hehe.

    Wanna trade blog links?

    Aunt P