July 14, 2009

Just loving it!

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry for not blogging the past few days! It's hard to find time to write these, but I'm still here in UWP and loving every minute!

I have lots to catch you up on and I'm not quite sure where to start!

Right after I posted my last blog, my roommates and I went over to a neighbourhood house where some of our new friends are staying. There are staff and students there, as well has fantastic parents! We hung out around the fire and then headed in for an epic pool game! I was sure I would be TERRIBLE, so I warned them about it, but it turns out none of us were very good. The game lasted almost an hour, but it was hilarious! It was so much fun!

On Sunday, we met our host dad John! It's great to have our host family all together! We had a fun afternoon that started with a trip to Target. The three of us went on a walk around the neighbourhood which turned into a race. Scott ended up falling mid run, which was really funny (he wasn't hurt...too badly...haha). We then left for our orientation! Our road staff performed some songs from our show and I swear it was all I could do to keep from crying! I had goose bumps! We had time to hang out for a while afterwords, which was fun because I love everyone here! We then went back to our neighbourhood Kibbutz. There I got to know my UWP neighbour friends so much better! On my street are Michael from Arizona, Breton from Nebraska, Celilia from Virginia, Ronja from Germany and Tinna from Sweden, plus me, Scott, and Kyle! This is my main street crew, but I also met Kelsey from Colorado and Caroline from Sweden. Everyone is amazing!! I love that I live on a street with so many friends!

I'm sorry that I'm not posting about yesterday and today, but I have to write my journal and get ready for another busy day of staging tomorrow

Thanks for reading this and I'll talk to you soon I hope!!


  1. What do you mean by your 'real blog'???? Also, sounds fun!

  2. Oh! I meant journal! Ooops~ Love you!

  3. Pleasant! I hoped that was the case!!!!!