July 11, 2009

Up, up with people, you meet them wherever you go!

Up, up with people, they're the best kind of folks you know!

Today is day two of Up With People!
Yesterday was day one (my roommate Kyle told me to put that)! It was an incredible day! After I found the area where UWP was going to meet us, I found my first UWP friend!! Michelle from California! Then we noticed a big group of cast members so we ran up to meet them too! Lots and lots of people from all over! More and more people joined us as we got even more excited until finally we saw an UWP sign and our lovely staff members! We were bussed to the rec centre where we all got to know each other for like 7 hours while all the other cast members arrived in Denver and were bussed to join us! I can't even describe this! I met like 90 people from all over the world. Honestly, name a country and they were probably there! We talked, ate, went outside (for a grand total of like 5 minutes - it was HOT outside), laughed, laughed, laughed, and had a fantastic time! I can't believe I only met these people yesterday! It felt like I knew some of them for years!! As soon as I met the first people, the nerves were long gone and it was only excitement for the rest of the day!

At around 830, our host families came to pick us up. The cool thing about meeting our host families is that there is a theme and we each have a word that we use to find out families. My word was "unicyle". My roommates are Kyle (from Aberdeen, South Dakota - STORY BOOK LAND!) and Scott (Chino Valley, Arizona). We are staying with Beth and John and Duke the dog, but we don't meet John until tomorrow morning. The house is beautiful! Since I'm the only girl, I have my own room, bathroom, and get this - a sleep number bed. Hahaha. Amazing. Last night my number was 60, but tonight..well, the sky's the limit (actually 100 is the limit, but you know). We had cake, ice cream, and strawberries when we got back so obviously I'm not complaining at all! It's so great to hang out and talk with these guys (my new brothers) and get to know more about them and their cities. It's really fun.

Today we had the day off, which is really nice of them because we're all tired. Beth took us to the grocery store and Kohl's (because Scott's suitcase is ALREADY broken!), and then up the Flat Irons, which are foothills in Boulder). We were up like 7000 feet. It was so beautiful. We had a really great time. There was a photoshoot that I have yet to upload, but they will come soon! It was a great day!! Then we had a delicious dinner of barbequed chicken, corn on the cob, and a great salad. Kyle and I had fun washing dishes. We're currently playing cards and relaxing before our first UWP day tomorrow. I should go and get back to the cards, but you'll hear from me again soon!



  1. This sounds so exciting! I'm looking forward to following your blog while I'm spending another regular year at York!

    -Emily P.

  2. hey melissa! sounds great! sounds like you are meeting tons of great people, enjoy the awesome nature you are going to experience too!!!

  3. Thanks guys! To the last person who commented, I can't see who you are! I have lots of stories from yesterday, and I know today will have a lot to talk about, so I'll post again soon!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous beginning. Enjoy! And take your vitamins.